Our Leakproof Panty Liner delivers trusted protection and support from leaks and light periods. It's designed to slip into a designated layer in the crotch of the YOLANDASWIM styles. 

The liner itself is made of of three layers consisting of natural bamboo, super fine micro fibres and plu. The first two layers absorb and seal, while the third layer acts as the external waterproof layer- designed to be the final layer of protection stopping any leaks onto your swimwear. 

The panty liner has been designed for your ‘YONI’ to breathe and the fibers are created  uneven and deformed which helps to evaporate and absorb the blood and urine. Bamboo is also a fiber that is known to be anti bacterial, killing up to 75% and acting to eliminate odors- it's such a powerful material.

It’s not designed for heavy periods, hence why its dubbed a panty liner. Use it while training at the gym also.