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Life has its ups and downs and worrying about the future, feeling stuck or having bad days can haunt us when we let our minds focus on the negativity. Life and Mindset Coach, Best Selling Author Lauren Kerr, is passionate about helping women make mindset manageable every day. 

There are simple tools to combat problems into opportunities and find the silver lining in almost any situation which will lead to the discovery of a deeper purpose in life and stronger relationships. It’s all about shifting your perspective which will make you feel better, and make every day a little sunnier.

A Q&A with Lauren Kerr


What are some daily habits to cultivate a positive mindset?

Something I try to do every morning is to keep consistent with daily rituals. These include moving your body, meditating and nourishing yourself with foods touched by the sun.

A lot of us are going through our daily motions without consciously thinking about how we are looking after ourselves. Movement can sound so simple, but it is guaranteed to release your endorphins- especially when you’re doing something that you love. Even just a simple stretch will make a difference. I’m not about diet or restrictions but eating nutritious, plant based foods designed to nourish your body will help you. Ask yourself, has this touched the sun? Serotonin is produced in your gut so what you eat will affect your mood and mental clarity.

Meditation is also one of the very few ways to decrease your cortisol levels and drown out the noise of the 21stcentury. It helps you to be more resilient, more compassionate. Slow down and consciously come back to your body and this will help you in developing a positive mindset.

Can you recommend any exercises to build resistance to a negative attitude? 

It’s about having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. When you’re throwing yourself a pity party or starting to think negatively, ask yourself better questions to try and stretch your thoughts. What did I learn from that? What was the lesson it that? How can I become a better person because of that?

How does positive psychology help us be a better person?

It will help you to consciously come back to your body. Especially as women, we’re running at a hundred miles an hour constantly thinking what we have to do next and we can sometimes forget to slow down. By adopting a positive mindset you will find with time that you will develop more patience and resilience. You will also become less reactive (especially in relationships) which will help you to communicate more effectively.

How do you define what it means to be positive?

Being positive is about investing in you and your mental health, personal development and self-awareness. It will help you thrive and find joy in abundance- helping you to be more grounded and find compassion for yourself and others.

When things are bad, how can positive psychology help?

It’s about training yourself, like you would with a muscle. We can be naturally negative so try to flip your mindset into looking at the positives and prime it by focusing on these positives and how you’re going to continuously grow and improve from this.  

Can you use positive psychology to find purpose in your life?

Absolutely, I find guided meditation apps add value here also- they will ask you things like What are you grateful for today? What is a goal you’re working towards? What are you excited for today?

Journaling can also help you find clarity in your thoughts and keep your goals close to you every day as a reminder.


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